OUR MISSION Always with Quality

In general, the quality can be defined as "Degree of custoner satisfacation". Quality can be classified as three (3) dimensions.
1. Quality od design
    It means the intentions of designers to include features in a product od service
2. Quality of Conformance
    It means how well the product or service meets the specifications determined by designers.
3. Quality of Performance
    The quality of performance is associated with the reality of the product or service.
    It means the product part or system is performing its intended function ucder a presctubed set of conditions.

BIO & Pharmaceutical

Enaps Co., Ltd. provides total solution in Bio-Pharmaceutical Plant Project in compliance with cGMP.
we provide the best service that comply with ASME BPE and related codes based on experiences
in handling large -scale cGMP Project.


High - Tech

Enaps Co., Ltd. provides optimized system for semiconductor, Display and Fine Chemical industries.

Cleanroom & HVAC

The control of ultra fine particles in high tech industry is one of important technology throughput yield.
We provide Eco solution and satisfy customer’s need based on various experiences with the control of ultra fine particles.

Water for

We Provide optimized Solution for water treatment system in Bio-Phamaceutical industry,
that is available to meet the Requirement of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia and Korea Pharmacopoeia